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ATP San Jose - Milos Raonic hopin to three-peat at SAP Open

Roanic has won the title last two years ..
ATP Tennis  01 Feb 2013 - 19:54 / by Prakash / reads 2345.
ATP Tennis

2013 will be the final year that San Jose wil host the ATP SAP Open. The event wil not be part of the tennis calendar from next season as its slot has been sold off to another location.

And world no. 15 Milos Roanic hopes that he will be the last champion at the event, where he has won the title the last two years.

Speaking to the ATP tour website, Roanic commented, "“I don't think people can say really too often that they've gone sort of undefeated at one event. It would be something pretty awesome to be able to do that. It's a long way [away], but I feel ready and I just have to keep focusing on it and make the most of those opportunities.”

“I think I've really pushed myself and I work really hard during the off season. That gives me a lot of confidence. Those tournaments come up right after I get some matches in, as well. So it's just sort of the timing of it and the work I put in, it starts clicking at those events. That's paid off for me the most.”

Raonic is considered to be one of the young prospects in the game.


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