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Andy Murray :´ Roger Federer is not the same of before, but he will react after Wimbledon´

Andy Murray admits that the Swiss is not as consistent as he was 10 years ago, but he will be dangerous at the US Open ..
Tennis Interviews  30 Jun 2013 - 08:43 / by Federico Coppini / reads 3040.
andy murray

Andy Murray expresses his doubts about Roger Federer’s future. The Scot was told that Pete Sampras, after being defeated at the second round of Wimbledon, never came back to London.

Could it be also Federer’s case? “Roger played great tennis this year, a high quality tennis, maybe it wasn’t that concrete like in the last ten years, but his levels were incredible. Probably, we won’t see again that consistence and that continuity. You just have to wait and see what will be his reaction."

"Roger is one the best athlete of all time, so I expect an answer and a reaction to this defeat. He will be very dangerous at US Open.”

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However, in modern tennis it is not enough to simply slice the ball back into play on every shot. You need a topspin backhand with which to put pressure on your opponent and win points quickly.


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