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Andy Murray´s mother Judy Murrray meets pengiun named after her

Tennis: 4 pengiuns in St Andrews aquarium are named after Andy, Kim, Judy and Shirley ..
Tennis Stories  01 Aug 2013 - 19:36 / by Talal Dar / reads 2342.

Tennis: Mother of British no.1 Tennis player Andy Murray, who become first British player to win Wimbledon Tennis Championship in 77 years, Judy Murray went to St Andrews Aquarium to see the pengiun which is named after her.

There are four penguins which are named after Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, his mother Judy Murray, his girlfriend Kim Sears and his grand mother Shirley.

Judy was in the Fife town for the Women’s British Open and tweeted about her visit.

She said: "Coming to visit my doppelganger on Thursday morning…. Hoping to p.p.p.pick one up!"

Manager John Mace said: "We are thrilled that Judy came along to the Aquarium today to visit our penguins and to meet the feathery Judy face to, er, beak.

"We loved that we were able to celebrate Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win with Elspeth’s suggestion of naming them Andy, Kim, Judy and Shirley – everyone thinks it really suits them."

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