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Barbadillo and Sampras about Rafael Nadal: ´Right to start gradually on clay´

Benito Barbadillo and Pete Sampras agree on the recovery plan of the Majorcan ..
Tennis Stories  22 Jan 2013 - 16:46 / by Federico Coppini / reads 4966.

Benito Perez Barbadillo told l'Equipe that Rafael Nadal's proposed comeback play - which involves a lot of events on clay - is the right choice for him: "I think that is good to start with a calmer tournament such as Vina, then he could go to San Paolo (which is a little tougher) and then later Acapulco. It’s an intelligent choice, but it’s a pity that he’s not among us, we all miss Rafael, he wants to play and he’s a great champion.”

Sampras echoed those sentiments: "Players maybe didn’t miss Nadal, but surely the world of tennis and fans did. Everyone wants to see him on top. He’s making the right choice coming back on clay in South America, where he could find some easier tournaments.”

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