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Billie Jean and Martina come down on Margaret Court for anti-gay remarks

Court urges Aussies to vote against same sex marriages ..
Tennis Stories  12 Dec 2011 - 17:59 / by Prakash / reads 4368.

Former tennis legends and gay rights activists Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova have come out and criticized comments that another tennis legend, Margaret Court, made in which the Australian slammed gay marriages.

“Seems to me a lot of people have evolved as has the Bible, unfortunately Margaret Court has not,” Navratilova told TennisChannel.com

“Her myopic view is truly frightening as well as damaging to the thousands of children already living in same gender families.”

Court urged Australians to make a stand against same-sex marriage, saying no human law could ever change God’s divine laws.

“Politically correct education has masterfully escorted homosexuality out from behind closed doors, into the community openly and now is aggressively demanding marriage rights that are not theirs to take,” she told The West Australian last week.

“To dismantle this sole definition of marriage and try to legitimise what God calls abominable sexual practices that include sodomy, reveals our ignorance as to the ills that come when society is forced to accept law that violates their very own God-given nature of what is right and what is wrong.”

Openly gay US tennis champion Billie Jean King said she disagreed with Court’s views. “The more we talk openly about issues like gay marriage, the more we learn about each other,” King said.

“It is a blessing the people of Australia can live freely and express their own opinions because we need open dialogue to help us move forward.

“We have to commit to eliminating homophobia because everyone is entitled to the same rights, opportunities and protection.”


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