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Caroline Wozniacki ´I want to be a relatively young mother, and I do not see it as being too far in the future´

Tennis - Wozniacki talks about planning a family with McIlroy ..
Tennis Interviews  02 May 2014 - 18:48 / by Prakash / reads 7306.
Wozniacki McIlroy

Tennis - Former world no. 1 Caroline Wozniacki has other dreams besides winning a grand slam and one of them is to start a family with Rory McIlroy.

The Dane tells Lime magazine in an interview, "I want to be a relatively young mother, and I do not see it as being too far in the future. I have always even been like that I would even want to bring up my children. Therefore, I have no dream to make my mark , instead , I enjoy economic freedom, my hard work has given me. It means that I can give my children the best start in life by being there 100 percent for them."

Talking about her relationship with the golfer, Wozniacki says their time away from each other helps them appreciate the time they do get to spend together. "We try to get our calendars to fit together. I think it helps that we both have something to take us to where we do not see each other and that we both are dealing with something that we are passionate about. When we are in our respective tournaments, we focus there, and so are missed, not so great . And so we learn to be better at appreciating the time we have when we are finally together."

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