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Grigor Dimitrov credits girlfriend Maria Sharapova for ´highly successful´ year

Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov has praised his love to Sharapova for successful season ..
Tennis Stories  04 Nov 2013 - 18:22 / by Vishal Gajaria / reads 6348.

Top-ranked Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov sprinkled accolades upon his girlfriend Maria Sharapova, calling the Russian beauty as reason behind his success this year.

"This year has been highly successful," said Dimitrov, who won his first ATP title in Stockholm this October. "I managed to find the right direction."

"Rivals now feel they have to follow me closely and look up to me," he  continued. "I think I proved wrong all those people who said my relationship with her will damage my play. I think I proved that it is exactly the opposite," Dimitrov said of Sharapova.

As a result for a consistent performance this season, Dimitrov jumped from 48th spot to 22nd spot in the Emirates ATP rankings.

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