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If you say Grand Slam, you read Fab Four

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Questions about Malek Jaziri´s withdrawal sparks ATP involvement
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Funny video: Rafael Nadal´s superstitions - rituals
Roger Federer skips the Davis Cup: ´I won it, now I can do whatever I want´
Severin Luthi: ´Roger Federer keeps on amazing me. It is not normal what he can do!´
Rafael Nadal´s thoughts on clay events: ´We could not have more tournaments on clay´
Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic: the past, present and future of a fantastic rivalry.
Hawaii University - No. 48 Rainbow Wahine Turned Back By No. 43 San Diego State
Rafael Nadal on his goals for this year...
Rafael Nadal has equalled the record for the most titles on clay
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 05 Mar 2015 di Max Grancini - article read 5323 times.
Hit a Forehand Winner Like - Federer


Watching the best in the world is like watching poetry in motion.

They have become maestros at performing plays to perfection.

The Slice backhand set up for the inside in or inside out forehand winner is one of Federer's favorite plays. If you learn to put it together, you will develop a weapon everyone will fear.

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