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Jerzy Janowicz: ´Paris? A closed chapter. With the serve I can go over 250 km/h´

The Pole, among the hottest players on Tour, comments on his exploit and goals for 2013
Tennis Interviews  14 Dec 2012 - 09:10 / by Federico Coppini / reads 7028.
Jerzt Janowicz

After he reached the final in the Paris Masters, where only David Ferrer was able to contain an impressive run, Jerzy Janowicz prepares to debut in 2013 as number 26 in the world.

Back to training alread, the Pole recently revealed some interesting aspects about his favorite shot: the service.

“I aim to go over 250 km/h and beat every record. With my coach I’ve been already able to increase the speed of 2-3 km/h thanks to the hard work we are doing, but I aim to improve of 10 km/h by this year.”

Recently, Janowicz has demonstrated that he can train hard by himself, without any kind of distractions. It demonstrates the way he used the money won in Paris: “ I just bought a computer game of 100 dollars. I spent the rest on tennis. With the improvement of my career, costs are growing and for this it’s a moment in which they can’t be wasted. I didn’t even go on holiday. I preferred to stay at home: bed, living room, tv, computer. I missed that.”

His recent fame landed him a contract with Peugeot, but he says he is still uncomfortable with his new fame.  “At the beginning it was hard to deal all this, because receive all this success at once it’s not a healthy thin. Luckily, I was able to get fast used to this situation. What has happened, but, didn’t change me, I restarted the trainings one week and a half ago like the Jerzy Janowicz I’ve always been. What happened in Paris is for me a closed chapter. In front of me, there is a new season and new challenges.”

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