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Li Na says there are a couple of million people with her name in China

Tennis - People back in China ask ´Which Li Na?´ ..
Tennis Stories  01 May 2013 - 09:32 / by Prakash / reads 1631.
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Tennis - Li Na is becoming somewhat of a crossover celebrity who is now transcending the sport and becoming a global icon. With her tennis and her charming press conferences, the world no.5 is becoming an increasingly popular figure around the world.

But back home in China, Li Na has something else to worry about. It seems there are more than two million people with the same name. And some of the others Li Na's are also athletes.

Speaking to the media in Stuttgart, Li Na commented, "I can't say everyone recognizes me - and also there are a couple million people with the same name as me! The funny thing is they can say Li Na was in Time Magazine, but some people will ask, 'Which Li Na?' Even in the Olympics there were other athletes with the same name as me, one in cycling, one in diving - so whenever they would put 'Li Na' in their coverage, they would also write which sport!"

Li Na reached the finals of the Australian Open for the second time this year and has played only 3 events due to an ankle injury. She lost in the finals of the WTA Porsche grand Prix on Sunday to world no. 2 Maria Sharapova.

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