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Maria Sharapova: ´It would be great to meet Steffi Graf. Errani and Vinci, what a quality!´´

Speed interview to the champion Maria Sharapova ..
Tennis Interviews  19 Oct 2012 - 00:15 / by Federico Coppini / reads 9321.
maria sharapova

Siberian blood in her veins, mentality of stars and stripes. The beautiful Maria Sharapova talks about tennis and about her privacy.

First argument is upon italian tennis: “In Italy there is a strong training on ground but in the same time a lot of attention to technique. Errani and Vinci succeed in breaking through thanks to their great quality, even if physically are short . During the match is essential to maintain a high level of mental attention and recover quickly in the negative moments”.

After 27 WTA titles and all 4 Grand Slam on the bulletin board, the hunger of the Russian seems to not have finished: “ At this time of my life there is nothing more important than trying to win: I have energy, ability, desire, motivation to get up in the morning to train and get better for the next game. “

About champions of the past: “I really wanted to meet Steffi Graf but did not happened. I met only once Monica Seles. Difficult to determine who is the greatest tennis player of all time, even if Serena Williams is really strong. “

Turning to private life, the Russian tennis player is a simple girl, revealing a bizarre dream: “I wanted to be a spy. I define me stubborn, open and honest above all. If I had not broken in tennis I wanted to be a champion of artistic gymnastics. I love the moments spent in the home, if I can lend a hand to friends or family and do some gift, this makes me happy. My parents taught me to be happy with what I have and to respect the value of money, even if it is essential to have ambition and want only the best.”

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