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Miriam Blasco: ´It would be Great Seeing Nadal as Flag Bearer. But it could have been Belmonte too´

Tennis - The former Judo player agreed that Rafa was a strong candidate. However she also said that the Swimmer was a candidate as well ..
Rafael Nadal  13 Feb 2016 - 09:45 / by Gatto Luigi / reads 1105.
Source: mundo deportivo

Mireia Belmonte against Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal against Mireia Belmonte. The challenge to be Spain's flag bearer at the Rio Olympics has started, and at the moment in Spain, these are the two names that are being spoken about.

'It would be special being the flag bearer,' - said Belmonte - 'but other sportsmen deserve it as well. It's all in the Olympic Committee's hands.'

In the history of the modern Olympics only two Spanish women have been flag bearer: Cristina de Borbon in 1988, in Seul, and Isabel Fernandez in 2004, in Athens.

However Nadal remains the favourite and after the Olympic Committee President and former Judo player Miriam Blasco, who was the first woman to win an Olympic Gold medal, said that Nadal was perfect to carry out this role: 'He is a great candidate. We speak about Nadal, who was to be flag bearer in the London Games. To me it seems great. Because Nadal is a person, who  represents values, and can represent all the sportsmen and sportswomen.'


Story by Mundo Deportivo



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