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Novak Djokovic: ´Rafael Nadal is a great champion´

Novak Djokovic is impressed by Rafael Nadal´s comeback ..
Tennis Interviews  07 Mar 2013 - 00:07 / by Federico Coppini / reads 3146.
Novak Djokovic

Asked about Rafael Nadal’s comeback after seven months of inactivity, Novak Djokovic sang the Majorcan’s praises. After an initial hiccup in the final at Vina del Mar, Nadal seems to be back to his best. He won the final in Sau Paulo after giving up just two games to David Ferrer.

“To be honest I expected that Ferrer would have put up more resistance, even if I’m sure that he did his best. On the other side the result surprises me, but not too much, because of Nadal’s strength on clay. During the years Rafa has always outfoxed those who didn’t believe in him, finding always the way to offer great performances, like in this case.”

It’s true, he comes back after a forced stop of seven months, but he’s already been in court for some weeks on his favourite surface and to it seemed clear the he felt very well. Trust is increasing and his come back is just a good thing for tennis world. He’s a great champion and plus he’s very popular, having him again in the circuit can just do good.”

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