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Novak Djokovic dances with kids

theArchitect - 08-02-2013 - View: 3568

Novak Djokovic

World number 1 Tennis star Novak Djokovic sucessfully defended his Australian Open title a week and a half ago.

On Wednesday though, Djokovic was a little closer to home, doing charity work at the Anton Skala school in Belgrade.

The 'Novak Djokovic Foundation' has long assisted Serbian children, and it was children of all ages suffering from development disabilities who were the beneficiaries of Djokovic's generosity on this occasion, with the player's charity gifting 50-thousand euros to be used in the construction of a specially adapted playground.

After signing the paperwork Djokovic was keen to point out that he is still very ambitious on and off the court.

"Well, there are always goals. I'm always trying to aim for the highest possible goals, I have big ambitions and I always had. Right now, I'm trying to take the free time out of official season, without any tournaments in these few weeks, and to come here to Serbia to visit my family and close friends, and of course, be a part of the humanitarian work that is really important to me and my career. After that, of course, it's going back to business, and trying to win every tournament that I play on."

Djokovic now has six grand slam titles to his name, but is fully aware that there is still one eludes him. And it certainly seems to be in his sights.

"Well, always Grand Slams are the biggest tournaments in this sport, and, obviously, those are the priorities for this year. Hopefully, Roland Garros, the Grand Slam I never won, I'll try to aim for that one."

The Serb found time during his visit to have a bit of a dance with the children, and it was apparent that his excellent footwork at the base-line, isn't particuarly transferrable to dance. And although Djokovic gives his opponents very little on the court, the children at this Serbian school will be grateful that the World Number one does have a very charitable side to his nature off it. 

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