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Roger Federer sets new Prize Money record! The Swiss gets to 80 millions!

Never before a player had earned so much money coming from the tournaments´ prize money ..
Roger Federer  03 Mar 2014 - 17:14 / by Ivan Pasquariello / reads 6031.
Roger Federer

Not just tennis for the game's sake. Also, tennis to enjoy a better life style. And Roger Federer knows exactly how to balance the two and have them working together in perfect harmony. The Swiss set up a new record, by breaking the wall of 80 million dollars earned purely on prize money. Never before a tennis player had passed the 80 million bar.

Thanks to his victory at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, Federer earned a total of 465.830 dollars, which were enough to take the Swiss' earnings to the next level.

Not an easy plot to repeat, not one that many people could afford to set. There are only two tennis players who could ought to pass the Swiss: Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Currently, Nadal's earnings sum up to about 66 million dollars. Djokovic has "only" won 58 million dollars in prize money. The impressive numbers are partly explained with the increasing value of the sports industry in general and the tennis industry in particular. Also, inflation plays a big part in this game. To think that someone who has won 14 Grand Slam tournaments and sit on top of men's rankings for almost 300 weeks like Pete Sampras has gained in his entire career a total of 43 million dollars in Prize Money, better helps understanding the great changes happening to the economy, which reflect on the sports industry.

In 2014 Federer has already passed 1 million dollars in Prize Money win. The question many ask is if the Swiss will manage to pass the 100 million dollars target before retiring from professional tennis. Considering how the Swiss is playing and has found new motivations to keep playing, and also taking into consideration how Roger himself declared that he is not planning to leave tennis until the Olympics in Rio 2016, then the plot seems less like a Mission Impossible.

Here is the list with the top 20 tennis players and their Prize Money winnings. In bold are the still-active players:

1 Federer, Roger $80,216,627
2 Nadal, Rafael $66,334,255
3 Djokovic, Novak $58,480,371

4 Sampras, Pete $43,280,489
5 Agassi, Andre $31,152,975
6 Murray, Andy $30,651,672
7 Becker, Boris $25,080,956
8 Kafelnikov, Yevgeny $23,883,797
9 Ferrer, David $22,386,683
10 Lendl, Ivan $21,262,417
11 Roddick, Andy $20,637,390
12 Edberg, Stefan $20,630,941
13 Hewitt, Lleyton $20,063,557
14 Ivanisevic, Goran $19,878,007
15 Chang, Michael $19,145,632
16 Berdych, Tomas $17,292,853
17 Davydenko, Nikolay $16,103,503
18 Del Potro, Juan Martin $15,341,397
19 Kuerten, Gustavo $14,807,000
20 Bjorkman, Jonas $14,610,671 

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