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Serena wants to wear Beyonce´s Superbowl dress in white for Wimbledon

Beyonce steals the thunder at SuperBowl ..
Tennis Stories  04 Feb 2013 - 18:59 / by Prakash / reads 2784.
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Serena Williams is known for her fashion on court. The American has stole the headlines for her tennis ensembles on the court and could be headed in that direction again.

After watching Beyonce's power packed SuperBowl half time performance, Serena tweeted that she thought Beyonce's dress for her performance would make a good tennis dress for Wimbledon.

Serena tweeted - "Beyonce's outfit for Wimbledon. But in white? Hummmmmmm"

Take a look at the picture of Beyonce here and decide for yourself how Serena would look in a white version of this dress

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