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Tennis - Maria Sharapova to work with father during US Open

Tennis - Sharapova fired Jimmy Connors last week after one month of partnership ..
Tennis Stories  21 Aug 2013 - 05:58 / by Prakash / reads 17382.
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Tennis - After firing Jimmy Connors, world no. 3 Maria Sharapova will go back to working with her father Yuri Sharapov for the upcoming US Open grand slam event, as per

Yuri used to work with Maria and travel on the circuit with her until a few years ago when he decided to take a step back and do other things. Sharapova had been working with Thomas Hoegstedt for more than two years until Wimbledon. After her early loss in London, she hooked up with Connors but the two survived only for a month, and the Russian fired him after just one match in their partnership - a second round loss in Cincinnati.

Sharapova has played only one hardcourt match in the buildup to the US Open.

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