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Tennis - Maria Sharapova wants to write her own book and says she even knows the title!!

Tennis - World no. 2 says she has been writing her own journal for many years now ..
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Tennis - Her new coach Jimmy Connors has just released his own autobiography. And now Maria Sharapova is talking about writing her own book and says she even knows what the title of the book would be.

The Russian world no. 2, currently sitting out on the tour due to a hip injury, commented, "I'd love to write a book about my life. I love to write, so I have always said to my agent Max that I'd like to do it. I even know the title of what my book would be. I have known it for many years!"

"I really enjoy writing. I have written so much in my journal over the last few years, and also going further back to when I was a junior and a little kid, so I really want to get it on paper one day - some of it is mind blowing. I mean, the thoughts that I had and just my ambitions in the sport, and how much I was so excited about going and practicing and winning tennis matches - that's something I really want to share."

Sharapova has pulled out of next week's Rogers Cup in Toronto and is expected to be fit in time for the US Open which starts later this month.

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