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The problem with the great tennis player Roger Federer is that he has puny shoulders puny arms puny wrist and hands and at the end of tournaments he has no longer the same force and loses touch, fineness and accuracy ..
Roger Federer  02 Jun 2013 - 09:41 / by Federico Coppini / reads 3519.
roger federer

One can easily see that his shoulders arms hands and all his upper body should be strengthened, as Rafael Nadal and others has done. It is sad to see that other players do not defeat him; he loses by himself. Sometimes he does not even hit the ball with the strings of the racket but with the frame and one can see the ball flight up in the air! It’s sad for me.

In their last match Federer had 63 unforced errors! How crucial this can be? He had 63 unforced errors in the match vs. 34 of Nadal, so the numbers in themselves are a good enough explanation for his defeat. Yes, at the end it turned out to be the match changer. “It didn't go how I hoped and I was missing too many easy forehands and crucial points,” said Federer.

And it is so even if Federer says that it does not matter: “I don’t care about unforced errors,” he said. “The guys that love the statistics, they love those things. I don’t care if I make 20 or 60 unforced errors. I don’t care, as long as I’m doing the right things and staying true to my game plan and it makes sense. If I’m just making errors and I can’t hit a winner any more, then I’m in trouble, clearly.”


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