Can Djokovic Win The Grand Slam?

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One Strings Spin Deeper 300g Racquet 14x19
22.13 $ USD
01 Oct 2015 04:05

100 bids
0.49 $ USD
21 Sep 2015 10:22

Modern Tennis - Forehand
0.38 $ USD
15 Sep 2015 19:18


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Can I participate in the auctions if I am not a US citizen?

For now, we work only in the US plus European 
We cannot ship products in countries where we do not work.

How can I win TWP?

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♦ By registering on the site: 400 TWP
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What are the messages that I get from time to time as I browse the site?

Browsing through the pages of Tennis World, you can discover hidden points that are automatically assigned to your profile.
We have scattered in a random 600 bonus (worth over 180 500 TWP) in the pages of the site. Every hour another 600 bonus will be scattered.
You have to be fast to make sure you're the one who finds one of these bonuses.
A message warns you when this happens, and tells you how many points you've earned!