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Pat Cash: Andy Murray is the man to beat

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by Ammad Raja

Tennis - Former Wimbledon champion believes its Andy Murray wins down under.

As the first Grand Slam of the year approaches, a former finalist himself at the Australian Open, Pat Cash has declared that the World No 1 Andy Murray will be the man to beat and he is bound to get lucky this time around after having lost 5 finals down under.

“It's hard not to tip Djokovic, isn't it, but having said that I think Murray is edging ever closer and he deserves to be world No.1 even though it's by a mere match, last match of the year," Cash said.

"I do think he will hold onto the No.1 spot for quite a bit this year and it's Djokovic's job to get it off him. But once he gets going he's almost impossible to stop and we saw the form last year; the semi-final and final was absolutely breathtaking tennis.

"Murray is mentally more stable and more consistent, I think," Cash said. "He seems to be more relaxed. He had an unbelievable year last year and I would say he's the one to beat. He's the one who has got something to prove. He's had a great career and a lot of wins but he still hasn't quite got over the line in the Australian Open and certainly the French Open as well is the other one, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get both of those this year."

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