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Tickets re-sold at a higher price for the exhibition between Murray and Federer

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by Gatto Luigi

The tickets price of the 'Andy Murray Live' event featuring the world no. 1 and Roger Federer on November 7th sold out within hours. Half of them were priced at £25 and the rest had a face value of up to £150, which convinced the tennis fans to buy them.

However some of them thought that it was a good chance to make money easily and tickets were re-sold on websites like Viagogo for £3,000 for two, or £2,200 for a single one. People should not rush to buy them on different websites than the ones authorised, Adam Webb from the Fanfare Alliance said.

'The first thing I would say is don't buy from these websites. You are being sold to by ticket touts,' Webb told BBC Scotland. 'I would urge people to be patient and contact the venue. Other tickets may be released closer to the date of the event.

These ticketing websites are very good at manipulating their customers and making them feel that they have to act quickly, but it may well be that there will be other opportunities for people to attend the event.' ALSO READ: Toni Nadal: 'Djokovic and Murray are the favourites to win the big titles' .

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