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John Millman Talks About Abuse from Disgruntled Punters

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by Prakash

Tennis - Miillman is ranked 84th in the world

Tennis - Australia's John Millman has become the latest tennis player to hit out at disgruntled punters who abuse players via social media platforms. The 27-year-old Millman is ranked 84th in the world and sent out a message on Twitter, giving his views on match-fixing and abuse from punters. 

Millman said, "Don't agree with match fixing at all... integrity of the sport is crucial. I understand the bookies willingness to help investigations with potential fixed matches. However how willing are they to help with the relentless abuse players cop from their punters."

Several tennis players have spoken out in recent times about the amount of abuse they receive online from gamblers who have lost mmoney by betting on their matches. 

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