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Chalena Scholl: 'It’s important to enjoy yourself on the court. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.'

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by Roxana Jo

Chalena Scholl, senior at Duke Blue Devils, is preparing for her final Collegiate season after amazing 2015-16 when she finished with 22-10 score, including 11-2 against the Conference rivals. Pompano Beach, Florida native, earned the second-team All-ACC honors and she continued in the similar style this fall too, grabbing 8 singles and 7 doubles wins. The Blue Devils will open the season in UNLV Invitational on January 13 and Scholl found time to talk for the official site about her experience in Durham so far and the expectations in her final semester: What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season?
Chalena Scholl: I would say I’m most looking forward to starting the season without having to feel like I’m coming back from an injury.

The past few years, I was coming back from an injury, or just starting up again, so I think, being able to play an entire fall, and then being able to go into spring, will be a new experience for me, and something that is exciting.

Besides that, just enjoy this last season that I have with my teammates. GD: Do you feel like your role has changed at all as your career progressed at Duke?
CS: I think it has definitely changed, for multiple reasons.

I think as you gain more experience, you know what to do in certain situations. Sometimes people will come to you for advice, but I also think that it’s changed just because of the experience that I had in my freshman and sophomore years.

I think that also played a role in me changing my role. GD: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or freshmen that are on the team now?
CS: It’s important to enjoy yourself on the court.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When I was a freshman, during my first match, I was so nervous I could barely hit the ball. Just try to enjoy yourself, enjoy being out there with your teammates, and that usually helps take the pressure off.

GD: What have you enjoyed most about being a Duke student-athlete?
CS: All of the opportunities I’ve had through it and all of the experiences that I’ve had because of it, especially with my teammates.

GD: Do you have a favorite memory at Duke?
CS: I think one of my favorite memories is being a part of one of the National Indoor Championship teams. That was a really great moment for us.

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