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Nancy Ghanem: 'My favorite tennis memory was when I hit with Nadal at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship.'

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Tennis - Ghanem is a freshman at Virginia Tech Hokies and she scored 8 wins this fall

Nancy Ghanem comes from the mythical town of Cairo, Egypt, and she is ready to unfold her first spring season at Virginia Tech Hokies on January 21. She worked and trained in the United Arab Emirates, where she was ranked 1st in both U16 and U18 divisions, and she attended Laurel Springs School. Nancy opened her career as the Hokie with 4 doubles and 4 singles wins this fall, and she is ready for even better results when the spring action start. In the interview given to the official site, Ghanem answered some questions that will help the fans to meet her better before they see her on the court:


What differences are there from your hometown to Blacksburg?
Nancy Ghanem: The two major differences between my hometown and Blacksburg are the weather and the green spaces. I have never been in a temperature less than 60 degrees! We also don’t have all the green spaces and forests that Blacksburg has. I find the nature of Blacksburg very charming.

Where are your favorite spots to go on campus?
NG: I love the whole campus of Virginia Tech, but if I have to pick favorite spots, it would be the Duck Pond, Solitude and the War Memorial Chapel.

What got you involved with tennis?
NG: My parents! They have always been big tennis fans. They got my sister and I involved with swimming and tennis, but I liked tennis a lot better.

If you could play another sport, what would it be? Why?
NG: It would be synchronized swimming because I like to challenge myself. I think synchronized swimming is very challenging. You have to keep in time with the music as well as perform the acrobatic movements.

Who do you look up to the most? Why?
NG: I look up to my parents the most. They have always been an inspiration to me because of their hard work and commitment to whatever they do.

As an incoming freshman, what brought you to Hokie country? How has your time as a Hokie been so far?
NG: Virginia Tech has great academics and competitive tennis. It is a huge opportunity to study and play for Hokie Nation! My time as a Hokie has been great! I enjoyed competing in tournaments with my team during the fall season as well as making new friends and meeting new people.

What’s your favorite tennis memory?
NG: My favorite tennis memory was when I hit with Nadal at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship.

What has tennis done for you?
NG: Tennis has done so many things for me! The biggest one is giving me the opportunity to play for Virginia Tech. I also was able to meet a lot of top ATP players and hit with them such as Nadal, Federer, Monfils and David Ferrer.


Favorite team to face: UVA

Favorite thing to take on a road trip: Music

Favorite class: Human development and design appreciation

Favorite food: Sweet potatoes

Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere warm, sunny and has a beach

Biggest fear: Heights

Biggest pet peeve: Lying

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snap Chat? Instagram

One word teammates use to describe you: Motivated

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? A lot of my friends say I look like Rihanna



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