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September 6th: On This Day in US Open History...

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by Ivan Pasquariello

Tennis - On this day, September 6th, 5 great things happened in the US Open history. Check here what has happened over the years in New York

5) US Open 1920 - September 6th

Bill Tilden

In 1920 Bill Tilden won the first of a total of 7 US Open titles, beating Bill Johnston in the finals by 6-1 1-6 7-5 5-7 6-3 when the tournament was still played at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills N.Y.

To date, Bill is still one of the only three men capable of winning the US Open a total of 7 times. Roger Federer, with 5 titles, follows in the special chart. The data doesn't count the distinction between Open Era and Amateur Tennis.

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