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Here is when decision on Maria Sharapova's wild card at the Roland Garros will be taken

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by Gatto Luigi

We will have to wait 25 more days to know if Roland Garros will give a wild card invitation to Maria Sharapova. During the presentation of the event, the president of the French tennis federation Bernard Giudicelli announced that a final decision will be taken on May 15.

If a wild-card is not offered, Sharapova would be able to play in the qualies if she reaches the Stuttgart final, a tournament where she will come back to the competition on Wednesday 26th April. At the moment organizers and the Federation are uncertain.

Already a month ago Giudicelli had said that giving a wild card to Sharapova when they invest 1.5 million euros per year to fight against doping wouldn't have been the best choice. And today he confirmed his doubts when asked what would mean for a Grand Slam event not to have Maria and Serena Williams in the field.

'We are organizing a Major event, not a cast', said Giudicelli. Sharapova won the title in Paris in 2012 and 2014, while in 2013 she lost to Serena. ALSO READ: Sanchez Vicario: 'Sharapova paid the time she had to' .

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