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Will Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams be at the Colosseum in Rome in May?

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by Gatto Luigi

Tennis - The Italian tennis federation president has a dream: seeing the draw of the ATP/WTA Rome event taking place in the historical venue of Colosseum with two of the biggest tennis stars involved

The president of the Italian tennis federation Angelo Binaghi has never hidden his desire to see the draw of the ATP/WTA Rome event taking place in the historical Colosseum. This dream could come true in May this year. 'We are very happy to say that the mayor Virginia Raggi asked to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage the availability of the Colosseum to see the draw taking place there,' Binaghi told local media in Rome. 'I will never stop to insist about it until when they won't allow me to use it for that purpose, and if it won't happen they will have to explain me why. My dream is to see Nadal and Serena Williams there: it would be an image that would become famous over the World to promote Rome and the whole country.'

At the same time, seeing Serena and Rafa there could be difficult because draws have taken place on Friday in the last years, on the same day of the quarter-finals in Madrid. But it would be definitely be great for the organizers to get a such amazing venue.

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