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Rafael Nadal: 'I didn't play my best match, he deserved to win'

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by Gatto Luigi

Tennis - The Spaniard player admits he didn't return well and didn't have any chance to win

Rafael Nadal admitted he didn´t have any chance today against Roger Federer. ´In Australia was a very close match. I had good chances to win. Today, not. Today he played better than me. I didn´t play my best match, and he played well. These kind of matches, when you´re not playing your match, is impossible to win. He returned well. But at the same time, it was obvious that I didn´t have the right answer for his returns, no? I needed to neutralize the points. I needed to neutralize his two first balls, and I didn´t. So then playing two shots, he´s better than me today. And five years ago, ten years ago, always was better than me, no? I was a little bit better than him in general when I neutralized the first two shots, and then I can manage it a little bit better the point. So I was not enough good tonight to make that happen, and he deserved the victory, for sure. Very easy.´

´He´s always played well, very aggressive, and his backhand was enough good to win the match. But at the same time it´s obvious, as I said before, no, I need to hit longer and I need to hit higher, longer to create him problems, no. I was not able to do that. I was fighting. I was trying to find solutions. I tried to serve quicker. I tried to serve changing more directions, and I was trying to return inside and in the back. Was not today. That´s all.´

After a loss like this, do you go over it, do you think about it for a long time, or are you able to quickly put it behind you? ´No. A lot of years here. When you feel that you are playing bad or you are in a bad moment, maybe stays a little bit longer in your mind. Is not my case. I started great the season, playing great tennis, winning a lot of matches, playing good tennis. Today I didn´t play my best, but I am really confident I gonna play well in Miami

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