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Novak Djokovic: 'Nadal is the player to beat, he's the ultimate challenge on clay'

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by Gatto Luigi

Top players had only buzz of admiration for Rafael Nadal and his nine title in Monte Carlo won. The Spaniard player bids to conquer the 10th crown in this tournament where he won 59 matches and lost four. Novak Djokovic praised his rival: 'Winning nine titles in any tournament around the World is an incredible achievement especially in one of the best tournaments in the World.

He is not called King of Clay for nothing. He is the ultimate challenge on this surface and the player to beat.' Andy Murray: 'I think to win it for ten times would be incredibile. It's amazing what he has done here.

Also being left-handed helps because he can use the angles on the court so well with the spin he generates. It's always difficult to dictate points against him.' Marin Cilic: 'He has brought the game on clay to a different level than what we used to see in the past and what he has achieved on clay in his career is remarkable.

I think his hunger to win, win and win is a great sign for all of us and also for the youngsters.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Today I struggled, but also other top players did' .

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