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Roger Federer is today’s GOAT, Rod Laver is the original GOAT! (PICS INSIDE)

Akshay Kohli - 3-20-2017 - View: 31899

Tennis: Vijay Amritraj posed with the two at a Rolex event in Indian Wells

Vijay Amritraj was in Indian Wells at a Rolex Event when he got pictures clicked with a former legend and a soon to be one.

The Indian stood next to Roger Federer and Rod Laver while getting pictures clicked and even claimed his side to the Greatest of All Time debate.

In his posts on Instagram, Amritraj said that Federer is today’s GOAT and Laver being the original GOAT.

Here are the pictures!


At Rolex in Indian Wells with the original GOAT. Such a great person.

A post shared by Vijay Amritraj (@vijayamritraj007) on


With my friend n co Rolex ambassador - today's GOAT. Laver n Federer. They do not make them any better.

A post shared by Vijay Amritraj (@vijayamritraj007) on


Nick Kyrgios is the most talented player since Roger Federer arrived: Paul Annacone

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