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Roger Federer and the boyband: 'It's so good and funny, people had a blast over it!'

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by Gatto Luigi

In press conference at Indian Wells, the Swiss player Roger Federer spoke about the 'one handed backhand players' backhand, made up of him, Grigor Dimitrov and Tommy Haas. They recently sang another song a few days ago, after doing it for the first time in January.

Federer spoke about how the idea was born. 'We were in Australia, at the Australian Open, and we had one of the off days and were hanging out with Tommy and Grigor and David Foster, and we were sort of, like, let's just have fun, let's play some music.

He said, Why don't you guys sing along? I actually didn't know the lyrics very well, so we were reading on the iPhone. And next thing you know, it's like, This is too funny not to put it on social media', Roger said.

'So we put it out there. People had a blast over it, laughed at us, and I thought it was great.' And on Friday they thought to repeat it: 'As we regrouped here, got together in Indian Wells again, we thought we could do it again, but this time kind of on a playback, making the boys actually sound nice and better and not cats and dogs singing, like in Australia.

Now it sounds somewhat okay, but still it's so bad. Yet I think it's actually so good.'

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