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Our players Carlos Sanchez and Rafa Izquierdo will face each other at the final of European Championship

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by Federico Coppini

Carlos Sanchez and Rafa Izquierdo were elected to represent Spanish sub-16 Team at European Championship for a good performance at Spanish Championship, where Sanchez became a champion in singles and doubles together with Izquierdo.

For many years both of the players live at JC Ferrero tennis Academy, where day by day they practice together to achieve better results. Since then, they formed a formidable society, improving one each other. Sanchez and Izquierdo are friends out of the court and rivals on court since the young age; they faced each other many times, where both showed their strength.

Only with the age of 15, both faced each other in the final of most prestigious under16 Spanish circuit. The year later they reissued this final, but this time in the most important tournament of their age: The European Championship.

Both have spent years practicing at the academy located in Villena under the control of Nº1 in the World Juan Carlos Ferrero. Ferrero expressed his joy over the achievement of the guys: “It is unprecedented, that no academy in the World, achieved to get two of their players at the final of an International tournament of this level.

I am so proud of them. Rafa and Carlos made a great job during this week, the only thing I can advise them is to enjoy their final. Congratulations!” .

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