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Chris Evert: 'Nowadays players are not as mentally tough as at my time'

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by Gatto Luigi

Interesting thoughts by Chris Evert on how tennis has become different nowadays compared to few decades ago. The Former American player believes that nowadays players are not as mentally tough as at her time.

'The game is so different now', Evert said. 'I mean, the game at my day, you had to be mentally tough because it was mostly on position and consistency. And now it's about full strenght and power and short rallies.

I don't think players are as mentally tough as they were today. First of all, we had not a coaching. Now there is a lot of coaching and there a lot more opportunities to raise.' Evert is a former World No. 1 who peaked in the 70-80s winning 18 Grand Slam titles and losing 16 Major finals.

She won 156 titles overall. ALSO READ: Evert and Navratilova: 'Serena Williams can win one or two more Grand Slams' .

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