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Grigor Dimitrov: 'I'd like to have Nadal's forehand'

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by Gatto Luigi

Grigor Dimitrov thinks his clay-court game would improve a lot if he had Rafael Nadal's biggest weapon, the forehand. Asked which rival's shot he would like to have during this part of the season, he didn't have any doubt: 'I would choose Rafa's forehand cross.

When he has that cross, he takes you six-seven steps in the court and he has a lot of space in the other way.' Asked how he manages to keep a balanced life, the Bulgarian player added: 'When you play a lot of matches, you get into a such good rhythm, into routines that you forget about everything else.

The past few weeks I have played quite a few matches so I didn't actually have time to do anything, but my routines, the practice and the travelling merge into one, but as soon as you've done it, it's just so nice to relax and prepare for your practice or match.'

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