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Here is the new 'In/Out' System, the challenge that could make tennis history

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by Gatto Luigi

The Hawk-Eye, introduced in 2006, is used in many ATP and WTA events, but now the technology system could be replaced by another one which is much cheaper. We are speaking about the "In/Out" system that is designed by the engeneer Grégoire Gentil.

The 44-year-old French could have invented a device that may enter in the tennis world at professional level. The system, positioned on the top of the net, if it's connected to the camera of a smartphone, can monitor in real time all the lines of the court and show where the ball exactly bounces.

It's not a completely new invention, as the algorithm used for the project is the same that Tesla and Google use to test prototypes of car with an authomatic pilot. Also, it has a 99% reliability. The most interesting thing is that so far it costs only $200, way less than Hawk-Eye that requires $60,000 to be installed on every court.

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