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John McEnroe leases one of his houses for an unbelievable price

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by Gatto Luigi

John McEnroe leased one of his houses in Malibu, California, for the month of August at $125,000. Acquired by the former American player in 1984, it is a three-story house of 3,700 square-feet with five bedrooms and five full and two half bathrooms.

It is also available in the off-season for an unknown price. There are also big oceanfront deck accommodates, lounging and dining area and a sunken spa. But that's not the only house McEnroe has in Malibu: he paid more than $3 million for a land-locked ranch-style residence and $21 million for a glassy house of nearly 6,500-square-feet.

They also have a $12.5 million house in Southampton, New York. In career McEnroe earned 12 million dollars prize money, plus from sponsors and endorsements still today.

He also works for Eurosport and ESPN during the Major events. ALSO READ: McEnroe: 'Federer is the GOAT, Nadal just behind him - And Djokovic - - - .

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