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How to play against people with only a good forehand

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by Federico Coppini

There is a very common kind of tennis player, especially in lower levels of competitive play, who you will come up against a lot in your travels. What kind of tennis player, you ask? I am talking about the kind of player that only possess one of the two basic baseline strokes.

Usually, it’s the forehand – the safer stroke – and that player will do anything to avoid hitting his weaker shot. To be honest, most of us have a favourite shot and sometimes go out of our way to hit it, but the players I am talking about are almost obsessed about not hitting backhands.

I have played against many of these player at every level, and I have realized that most of approach playing them in a fundamentally flawed way. How do we do this? READ THE ARTICLE See you next week Cheers, Federico .

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