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Novak Djokovic provokes Roger Federer: ‘Winning a Slam doesn´t depend on him anymore´

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by Federico Coppini

Only three weeks ago the Swiss said: ‘If I play well I think I can win a Slam´.

Although Roger Federer had a hard time in 2013 in finding the best condition and so also in winning games, he was the only player who was able to win a set against Novak Djokovic over the last two tournaments of the year. Despite this, the Serbian is sure that the Swiss can still win an important tournament but there’s a condition: “Probably he’s still able to win a Slam in 2014 but there are many players that go on the court to beat him. It doesn’t depend entirely on him then but also on the other players.”

Just a few weeks ago Federer said that “winning a Slam depended more on his shots than on the opponent’s.” World’s number two takes position against this statement.
Observations also on Nadal/Murray rivalry and Juan Martin del Potro’s return to top: “the games I play against Rafael and Andy are always very special because if I beat them it means I win an important title. Juan is going to be very dangerous next year and he’s player always to be aware of.


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