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Malicious Bychkova: ‘Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov, their relationship is a facade´

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by Federico Coppini

The Russian doesn´t believe in the love between Masha and the Bulgarian

Harsh words those of Ekaterina Bychkova who from Russia, after naming her Yankee and slightly suggesting her to change nationality last year, blames again Maria Sharapova on a private matter: “Love is love, but the one between her and Dimitrov seems like public relations stuff… It’s difficult to have relationships when you constantly travel around the world.”

In the same interview the world’s number 153 is asked why Italian girls boom on the threshold of 30s. In this case the Russian player defends Vinci, who was singled out: “Roberta deserved everything, she has a great technique, she had a bad luck before because of the injuries”.

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