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Roger Rasheed backs Serena Williams to win Australian Open 2014

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by Vishal Gajaria

Veteran coach Roger Rasheed further said that Maria Sharapova is the only one who could beat Serena Williams

Roger Rasheed believes Serena Williams could clinch the women's singles title at the 2014 Australian Open, if she remains 100 per cent fit for the tournament.

"It's awfully hard to go past Serena if she's firing and 100 per cent fit," Rasheed told the Sydney Morning Herald, when asked about his prediction. "She has a lot of assets the other women don't have, especially on that stage."

Rasheed, who has been currently working with Maria Sharapova's boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov, said that the former is the only player who can cause trouble for the top-ranked American.

"The only one who can beat Serena at the Australian Open is Maria Sharapova," he added. "Maria has also got some weapons that can hurt Serena; the big thing will be whether she's had enough match play. She's been out with her shoulder injury and we'll see how it holds up.

"That's the only other legitimate challenger for the women's event." 


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