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Andy Roddick: ´Wawrinka deserved to win, but without injury Nadal would have made it´

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by Ivan Pasquariello

The American Star reviews the men´s tournament

Former World No.1 and winner of the 2003 US Open, Andy Roddick - who know works as a commentator for Fox Sports - expressed his thoughts about the 2014 Australian Open Men's tournament. First on the list, Stanislas Wawrinka's victory: "I don't thin anyone expected him to win., but he deserved it. He beat Djokovic in the quarters, who was almost unbeatable in Melbourne since 2008, then Berdych who is a great player. In the final I personally think that without the back injury Nadal would have won, but Wawrinka did what he had to do and played great. Before the match I predicted Nadal to be the winner, if they'd asked me the same question today, I'd answer it the same way".

About Rafael Nadal's injury: "I don't think it is anything serious. He decided to finish the match, which was a nice sign of respect for Wawrinka, who could enjoy the actual moment of the victory. Despite that I think Nadal is going to be 100% ready for the French Open. If Rafa can reach 17 Grand Slam titles? I think it'll all depend on his physical condition. To win in Melbourne would have made it easier to achieve, but I think he can win the next two Roland Garros. If he doesn't have injuries over the next two years, he can manage to break the record".

About Roger Federer's comeback: "He played a great first set against Rafael Nadal, and he played great all match facing Murray. I haven't seen him in such good form for at least two years. If he can win another Slam? I don't know, but if he can play like this I would be very interested to see what he could do at Wimbledon".

And finally, a thought about Na Li's victory: "she plays unbelievable tennis, but what I really like about her is her off-court self. She always manages to be funny and friendly"

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