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Roger Federer: ´Surprised by Djokovic´s quotes about my coaching change. I hope I keep playing for many more years

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by Gatto Luigi

Tennis - The Swiss is surprised by how he won against Goffin as well. And about his girls he says: ´They give me advices´

Fast and convincing win for Roger Federer today against David Goffin. The Swiss won 6/2 6/1 6/4 and was obviously satisfied with his performance. 'It was good. I was surprised it went as fast as it did. You know, winning the first two sets within 50 minutes is the best thing that can happen out there, especially with a late start and against such a quality player. So I was very happy. It was important to keep the momentum going, keep staying aggressive and trying to get the match done in three. I was able to do that. I was very pleased. There were some great moments in the match which I can take a lot away from'.

About Djokovic's tough victory against Gilled Simon: 'I thought it was interesting, just in the sense that there are a lot of ups and downs, a lot of breakpoints missed, a lot of, I don't know, shifts of momentum. But they both had their chances in the first four sets. I didn't see the fifth set. It could have gone either way'.

When he gets asked to make an opinion about Djokovic's 100 unforced errors, he praised Simon's performance: 'How many did Gilles Simon play? I'm just wondering, because I think people miss the point of him. He plays every match, like, that. He forces you to make mistakes. He makes you go for the lines and he runs down a lot of balls. A lot of points end in errors. This was a five sets match so, of course, there's going to be a lot of unforced errors piling up. The question is if you have 50, 100, at the end of the day it doesn't matter as long as you win. I just listen to people talking like he had a horrible day. Of course he can play better, but on the other side, you have somebody who has the fastest legs and who knows exactly what he's doing out there, and it worked almost to the very end. So it was very close for Novak, and he knows that.'

Federer commented on Djokovic's quotes, who said a few weeks ago that he was surprised with Roger's coaching change: 'I was surprised Novak had so much to say about my coaching choice' - the World No. 3 said to SRF. 'Of course Ljubicic knows Novak but that wasn't the #1 idea. I know Novak very well, so does Seve. I don't think it will help me to know whether he prefers white or red wine.'

In the quarter-finals, the 47th at Slam level, he will face Tomas Berdych, who won against Roberto Bautista Agut in five sets: 'I have to play well. I think the court suits him. I think this sort of flatter bounce and faster court is good for his serves, good for his returns. It's a fast court. I think for his kind of game it's good. It's going to be a good match. We're both going to play aggressive. This court pays off when you do play good and aggressive tennis.'

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