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Rafael Nadal´s medic, Cotorro: Stop for 15 days, then rehabilitation and muscle strengthening

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by Federico Coppini

After Nadal's withdrawal from the Olympics, many shared their thoughts and reactions. Jose Luis Escanuela the President of the Spanish Tennis Federation wanted to express his solidarity with Rafa: "Nadal has was always been an example of perseverance and fight and these qualities make his renunciation even harder to accept.

We know how much he would like to participate in the Games and we hope that he will recover as quickly as possible. The Spanish Federation shared their thoughts about his withdrawal: "The absence of Nadal is a blow but we must try to get as far as possible." The President of the Spanish Olympic Committee Alejandro Blanco said: "The loss hurts Nadal both physically and emotionally.

He is one of the stars of our country and in this difficult time, we must support him more than ever. Rafa has done what is necessary during these weeks with appropriate care, but then when he returned to train, he realized that his knee has not healed.

" Finally worth mentioning is also his doctor's thoughts Angel Ruiz Cotorro, who in recent weeks, who has been taking care of the Mallorcan: "Rafa is not able to recover from the injury which he suffered in Wimbledon.

Despite the great effort made by the player and after all of his treatments, he will not be able to participate in the Olympics. In agreement with the player and his team, from this moment on he will be have 15 days off and then we will set up a program of rehabilitation and muscle strengthening.

" It therefore seems unlikely that Rafa can take part in the tournament at Toronto. .

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