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Andy Murray: ´Roger Federer is a classic tennis player, Rafael Nadal is one of the best. He reminds me of Connors´

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by Federico Coppini

Andy Murray is confident about his impressions of two of the main opponents on the ATP Tour

The fresh champion of the U.S. Open, Andy Murray, leaves interviews with repetition after the victory on American soil. Interviewed by journalist Charlie Rose, the Scottish tennis player expresses his views on Federer and Rafa Nadal:

"Roger plays with a very soft racket, he does not need to hit the ball very strong as the other athletes on the circuit and is always playing very close to the base line, he is a classic player. Of course the field is very strong. Nadal does have the brute force and expresses such intensity from the first to the last point. and he is one of the best players that tennis has ever seen and probably will see for a while, the same as Jimmy Connors. His energy and enthusiasm come out every time he enters the court. "

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