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Russian tennis chief says Maria Sharapova is a real Russian patriot

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by Prakash

Sharapova has been criticized for not being Russian enough

Maria Sharapova has often been criticized over the years for not being Russian enough. The tennis glamour girl moved to the United States at a very young age and adapted to the American lifestyle. But Sharapova has always payed under the Russian flag and inspite of the brickbats has said she always feels Russian. Sharapova has also been criticized for not playing Fed Cup consistently through the years.

Now Russian tennis chief Shamil Tarpishchev has come to her rescue.

Speaking to R-Sport, the Russian Fed Cup captain commented, "Despite the fact that she was raised in America, Maria is a real Russian patriot. Sharapova is all about the image. But this is one fantastically gifted player ... These contracts don't knock her, she doesn't suffer from the dizziness that can come with stardom."

Sharapova is currently no. 3 in the world rankings and is seeded no. 2 this week at Indian Wells

The Russian is the highest earning female athlete across all sports in the world.

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