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WTA - Virginie Razzano says win over Serena Williams was best of her career

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by Prakash

Tennis - Frenchwoman Virgine Razzano was once ranked no. 16 in the world

Tennis - It's unlikely that anything else  Frenchwoman Virgine Razzano will do in her career, will top her stunning win over Serena Williams in the first round of the French Open in 2012.

Serena came into the event last season as one of the favourites to win the title but was shocked by the former world no. 16.

Speaking to Tennis View magazine, Razzano described the match as the best she has ever played.

"My victory against Serena Williams at French Open for me is the most beautiful of my victories since I started my career in professional tennis. This amazing and fabulous match will remain etched in my memory for life.

I went through all the problems you can possibly have in this match – between being nervous and extremely tense, physical fatigue, bad cramps, a referee who punished me, the amazing fans and a wonderful atmosphere, and angry and excited stadium like you only see at a football match! I definitely felt all the energy that from the fans, and it really touched me the way they supported me throughout the entire match."

Razzano is currently ranked no. 194 in the world.


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