Robby Ginepri wins but Nathan Pasha doesn´t fair quite as well

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Robby Ginepri wins but Nathan Pasha doesn´t fair quite as well

In the last two matches on Tuesday in Atlanta it was American Robby Ginepri vs Sergiy Strakhovsky and American Nathan Pasha vs Lukas Lacko. The two Americans in this tournament that most likely nobody has heard about. Most people haven"t ever heard the guys names probably.

Despite it the two guys got their chance to show themselves today. In the first match it was Ginepri vs Strakhovsky. It was a very hard fought match that went the distance. Ginepri took the first set in a tiebreak. The tiebreak proved to be huge later in the match.

Strakhovsky won the second set 6-3. If Strakhovsky was able to take the tiebreak he"d have won already. Instead it was a 3rd set. The 3rd set was pretty definitive. Ginepri took it in a dominate 6-0 performance. He couldn"t have asked for a better way to end it.

The match between Pasha and Lacko didn"t go to three sets but it was still competitive. First set went to Lacko quite easily 6-2. However the 2nd set was closer. At 5-4, Pasha had a chance at taking it to a 3rd set but failed.

Lacko ended up holding to tie if at 5 then he broke at love to get a 6-5 lead and was serving for the win. He held at love to win the match and defeat the American. .