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USTA to Use shot Clock Technology at US Open Junior Events

USTA to Use shot Clock Technology at US Open Junior Events

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by Prakash

Tennis - The United States Tennis Association will use shot clocks at the junior event at the US Open as well as the collegiate events in the second week of the final Grand Slam of the season. The technology will track the time taken by the server between points in the junior matches, according to The Herald Online.

Currently, Grand Slams allow 20 seconds between points for a player to serve (the same as the women's WTA Tour while the men have a 25 second limit). However, many players are fans have complained that chair umpires do not always enforce the rules and let players take much more time than they are allowed to under the rules.

The chair umpire will start the shot clock from the time that the score has been registered from the previous point. Officials expect that the shot clocks could be used at the men's and women's event at the US Open within three years time.

The US Open begins on August 28th in New York. Also Read - Sara Errani and Her Difficult Times .

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