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John McEnroe: 'Murray will have much pressure in Melbourne'

John McEnroe: 'Murray will have much pressure in Melbourne'

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by Gatto Luigi

After the third Grand Slam title won at Wimbledon in July 2016, there are a lot of expectations on Andy Murray ahead of the Australian Open. The British player heads to Melbourne as the favourite, in an event that saw him playing five finals in the last seven years losing them all.

The former tennis legend John McEnroe thinks that it won't be easy for Andy to handle all the pressure especially because he became the world no. 1 in November. 'It’s got to be a tremendous feeling because it looked like it [getting to world number one] would never happen', McEnroe said. 'He continued to work at it.

From that aspect there’s got to be an incredible sense of pride. 'It’s going to be interesting to see how he reacts to it because the focus is going to be even more intense. They [crowds] are going to watch when he gets negative and starts to whine at his box.' About Rafael Nadal's chances to win a Grand Slam again, McEnroe admitted to El Mundo how 'it will be complicated for him because he lost the physical advantage but if he is injury-free he can do it again at the Roland Garros where the heat and clay can help him.

If he is confident again, he will have more chances than Federer. I don't imagine Roger winning seven matches in a row against quality players.' ALSO READ: Andy Murray: 'Djokovic will be the main threat at the Australian Open' .

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